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  1. Eligibility
  2. Map Voting
  3. Selecting Server
  4. Starting Side - Knife Round
  5. Pauses
  6. Game settings / Server settings
  7. Overtime settings
  8. Spectators / GOTV
  9. Screenshots
  10. Mappool
  11. Demos
  12. Scripts
  13. Server Crash

General Rules (click to open)

CS:GO Rules

  1. Eligibility

    Only players who are of legal age to play the game and not otherwise prohibited by law to enter the competition, may participate.
    For a team to be eligible to participate in the ROG MASTERS qualifiers, three out of the five playing players must be from the region or country they try to qualify in for. They must either hold the passport or be a resident of that country for more than 180 days.

  2. Map voting

    A map-voting feature is available in each match page. Both teams must start the session/confirm the vote in order to start it.
    Voting guide here.
    Voting should be started at least 15 minutes before the actual match starts to prevent delays.
    In Best-of-Three (bo3) matches the process is Ban: A-B-B-A, Pick: A-B. (Team A = first team mentioned/left side)

  3. Selecting Server

    There are one (1) or more server locations available in every qualifier. Regions with two (2) server locations: Teams have to discuss the location in the match comments. If they can´t agree to one (1) location, the default marked location has to been used.
    Regions with three (3) or more server locations, teams alternately eliminate one (1) location until only one (1) location is left (A-B-A-B-A; First mentioned team is team A)

    Once the maps and the server location is voted, a server can be requested.
    Do NOT request a server and then start the voting. It must be down the other way around.

  4. EAC - Easy Anti-Cheat

    Every player has to use Easy AntiCheat software. It can be downloaded from the Steam - Store. More information can be found in the EAC Gudie.
    Player's who join a server without EAC running will automatically kicked. Read the EAC gudie to avoid this issue.

  5. Starting Side - Knife Round

    In order to decide who starts first as Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist, a knife round is played, where all players must only use a knife. The team that wins the knife round may choose the side they want to start with.

  6. Pauses

    Pauses are only possible during freeztime. Teams can call a pause by entering "!pause" in the all-chat. Find more bot commands here.

  7. Game settings / Server settings

    All maps are played using the competitive settings. The maximum number of rounds is 30. If a team wins 16 rounds, it wins the map. If the teams are tied 15:15 then the overtime settings take effect.

  8. Overtime settings

    If a match is tied after 30 rounds (15:15) the overtime will automatically start.
    Overtimes are played with max rounds three (3 rounds on each side) and a start money of 12,500. If both teams are tied after an overtime, the overtime will continue with the same settings until a clear winner is found.

  9. Spectators / GOTV

    Only administrators may directly spectate a game. Anyone else may only spectate using GOTV. Coaching is disabled by default for online qualifiers.

  10. Screenshots

    Every team has to take a status screenshot on each map and of the scoreboard after a finished map so it's clear to see what the score was and which team won.

  11. Mappool


  12. Demos

    Every participant has to record a demo for each map. Demos have to include knife rounds and overtimes if played. Demos have to be saved at least for one week after the match and have to be provided to the administration if requested.

  13. Scripts

    The usage of scripts in general is strictly forbidden. The only exceptions are buy, toggle and demo scripts.

  14. Server Crash

    In case a server crashes and the score is lost, the map must be loaded again and the score restored. Players can type “/kill” into the developer console until the previous score is restored.
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